I did an inspection in Happy Inspector but it's not syncing with my Box folder, why? 

Inspections don't sync across, only reports do.

So first step, make sure you've prepared a report in Happy Inspector from the inspection you've just completed. 

Reports are a snapshot of your inspection which lets you share your inspection data and photos. If you're unsure, please see our FAQ: Creating Reports in Happy Inspector.

Ok, I've prepared a report in Happy Inspector, why is still not in Box?

Your Happy Inspector reports should appear as PDFs in a Box folder with the same name as the inspection template you've just used. For example, if you're using a template name 'Semi-Annual Inspection' for your walks with Happy Inspector, look for a folder titled 'Semi Annual' in Box.

If you're confident you've prepared a report from Happy Inspector and they're still not appearing in your Box account, please make sure all of your data and photos have uploaded off the device the inspection was performed on. To do this, in your Happy Inspector app, please look in the Cloud Activity window to see what's left to upload and make sure it has all synced, as shown below:

If you're having trouble uploading your data and photos, please review our FAQ page on uploading your data here: FAQ: Troubleshooting Sync

I can't access our Box account or the correct Box folder, why?

That's no good! But unfortunately, we can't help you with this one as we only look after the Happy Inspector side of the equation ☺

I'm positive all my inspection photos have uploaded and I still can't see the completed report in Box, what now?

Sure thing! That's where our happy Support team are here to help. Please be ready with details of:

  • the inspection you've performed, ie unit details, date/time,
  • the property you're from, 
  • the device and version of Happy Inspector you're using,
  • a screenshot showing your Cloud Activity is all up-to-date, and
  • any other relevant information 

Then send this through to us here at HappCo Support via the messenger in your app, or emailing us at support@happy.co

Please remember: the more, quality information you can provide up-front in your first message to our team, the quicker we can troubleshoot the issue and help you get back on with your day. Please help us help you! ☺ 

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