No one likes having to ask Support for help to get their task done.

We might love our job and love speaking with the real people using our software everyday but we totally get it's not what you'd like to be doing.

We both want the process to be as quick and efficient as possible, so when asking for help from the Support team, if you can follow these three simple tips, it will go a long way into making both of us happy

  • describe the problem as completely as possible
  • confirm the hardware and installed software you're using, and
  • advise the steps you've already taken to troubleshoot
  1. Describe the problem as completely as possible

Include details about the screen you're on and the unit you're working with. For example, instead of

"Hi! My reports aren't downloading"

a more helpful way of phrasing it for us is

"Hi there! I'm on my desktop trying to download the report I prepared yesterday for Unit 10E, Riverside and the icon in the top-right is just spinning."

2. confirm the device you're on where the problem is occurring

Sometimes customers will message from their desktop when they having trouble with their iPhone app. For example, instead of:

"Hi! I'm trying to create a report and it's not working"

a more helpful way of phrasing it for us is

"Hi! I'm having trouble creating a report on my iPhone 7 Plus which is running iOS 10.3 My Happy Inspector app is coming up with an error message saying that I've reached the limit on my subscription. I've gone into the App Store and confirmed I'm running version 3.15.1 and there are no updates available."

3. Advise what steps you've taken in your attempts to troubleshoot

We know our customers are super resourceful. They're property managers after-all! So it really helps us to hear about the steps you've taken already to troubleshoot. Otherwise we'll end up going through the same things with you already. For example, instead of:

"Hi! My reports aren't downloading on my desktop. Is your system down?"

a more helpful way of phrasing it is

"Hi! I'm logged in on my Chrome browser and am having trouble downloading reports. I've tried it on Internet Explorer 11, Edge and Firefox 53 as well. I've cleared my cache and restarted my browser and it's still showing the spinning icon in the top-right corner"

These simple tips about describing everything in detail, advising the device you're on and the steps you've already taken, should go a long way to making your trip through the Support desk as quick and efficient as possible.

We look forward to serving you and getting you back inspecting as quick as possible.

Thank you and Happy Inspecting! ⚡

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