Now you have all the tools necessary to use this software successfully and become a Happy Inspector.

Let’s review what we’ve learned by performing a sample inspection from start to finish.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. When you’re ready to perform an inspection, tap on the Unit,
  3. Tap on the plus sign
  4. Tap Start a New Inspection
  5. Choose the template specified by your company
  6. Record information by tapping on the appropriate ratings, typing in notes, and taking pictures
  7. When you’re done inspecting, generate a report by tapping the clipboard in the bottom right
  8. Tap Create New Report
  9. Choose the Standard Report Type for all non-comparison reports, or choose the Move-In, or Move-Out Report Type for comparison reports. I’ll choose Standard.
  10. Select your Preset
  11. Tap the checkmark
  12. Sign your report by tapping the Pen icon
  13. Tap Sign Now
  14. Draw your signature with your finger
  15. Tap the checkmark
  16. Tap Share and enter an email or Choose Recipient From Contacts on your device
  17. Tap Send

Remember that you can also start an inspection by:

And, online, in Happy Manage, you can:

  • Edit inspections
  • Generate reports
  • Download reports

Should you ever encounter any difficulty, please contact us at or check out our resources at

This concludes the Happy Guide training course for enterprise Inspectors.

Thanks for joining us and Happy Inspecting!

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