How do I mark an inspection as complete (without creating a report immediately)?

First, make sure you want to mark an inspection as complete and you don't want to prepare a report immediately from the inspection. If you do want to prepare a report, see our documentation on reports.

To mark your inspection as complete, in your inspection screen tap the checkmark up the top right of your app. On iOS it's the checkmark inside a circle. On Android it's a plain checkmark next to the word Done. Tapping this will close the inspection and return you to the screen you commenced it from. 


How do I save an inspection as draft (without completing it) so I can return at a later point  in time to finish it?

To save an inspection as draft to come back to later and finish, in your inspection screen tap the back arrow at the top left of your screen.

This will close out the inspection and return to the screen you were on to start the inspection and show it as draft with the orange timer icon next to it.

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How do I delete an inspection on my iPhone, iPad or Android device?

There are two ways to delete an inspection, you can delete it by finding the unit the inspection is of and tapping in to it to show the unit detail screen with the address at the top and inspections underneath. 

On iPhone or iPad slide the inspection to the left to reveal the red Delete button. On an Android device tap and hold the inspection until the row turns grey and the trash can icon appears at the top right.

Tap the Delete button to permanently remove the inspection

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