How do I create a Standard report from an inspection?

You’ve finished an inspection, awesome! Now to share or download the inspection as a PDF you need to prepare a report of the inspection. You will also need to prepare a report from the inspection in order to collect your signatures.

To create a Standard report, on iPhone and iPad, look for the plus button in paper at the top right of the inspection screen. On Android tap the purple, floating, action button down the bottom right. You can customize the way your report looks when you're creating them by tapping on the report Settings down the lower left on iPhone and iPad, or top right on Android.

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How do I create a Move In or Move Out report?

Like the tide, tenants move in and tenants move out. You can create Move In and Move Out reports to easily compare the condition of the property at the commencement and at the end of lease, this will eliminate any questions about liability. 

This feature can also be used to compare any two inspections for use cases other than property management.

Make sure you create your Move In report first from the first inspection, and make sure you get the layout of your unit or property correct in the first inspection as any adjustments to the layout in the final move out inspection by adding sections or re-ordering them can cause issues with the comparison in the Move Out report.

Create these reports the same as the Standard report but just select the different type of report you are after.

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How do I change the look of a report I've already created?

Reports are a snapshot of your inspection at a point in time. Inspections can be edited, but reports can not.

To change the look of an inspection you need to generate a brand, new report first. Then look for the report settings to adjust how it looks.

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How do I find reports I’ve previously created?

You’ve made a bunch of reports and you don’t know where you’ve put them? Well, we’ve made it easy for you to find every report created, right on your device. First look for your units or property, then on your iPhone or iPad, select the Reports tab which is underneath the details of the unit or property. On Android look in the previously completed inspection and tap the purple, floating action button and View Reports.

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