This Help Article covers how to:

  • Setup your team and prepare to inspect (covered in Part 1)
  • Quickly onboard your team so they know exactly how to perform their inspections (detailed below)
  • Access your final reports so you can collect all the data you need (covered in Part 3)

Quickly onboard your team

Before your team inspects, they need to understand two things:

  1. How to inspect with Happy Inspector
  2. Happy Inspector is designed for offline usage: understanding the upload process

1. How to inspect with Happy Inspector 

Please ensure your team, especially new users, know how to perform their inspections before they're out in the field.

To help, we've put together the following guide for your team of inspectors please download it here

2. Happy Inspector is designed for offline use (be careful with your data)

Happy Inspector is designed for offline use. 

This feature allows your team to perform inspections without a cellular or wifi connection.

As the HappyCo Admin it's critical you and your team all understand the implications in order to ensure all your reports are completed quickly and accurately.

This means:

if one of your team members is offline doing their inspections, they will have photos and inspection data that exists only on their device until they upload to your HappyCo account back at the office or when they connect to the internet.

Pease be careful! 

If you run into any problems uploading, please review this Help Article first, then get in touch with our HappyCo DD Team: NEVER DELETE THE APP.

The number of photos and data on a device which still need to upload is shown in Happy Inspector under the cloud icon.

On your iPad, this is on the left-hand navigation menu. On your iPhone, the cloud icon will appear in both the navigation menu and in the top-right corner of your phone on some screens. The cloud will have a small blue badge with the number of items remaining to upload.

On your Android device, you will need tap into the cloud icon in order to see the remaining items and the number.


Once your team is familiar with the app it's time to inspect! 

Then, once all of your data is collected, it's time to collect the critical reports you need for your turn

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