Editing Pre-filled Template Values: setting pre-filled values in your Unit Walk template will set default values across all unit inspections.

You can pre-fill values through the Android/iOS mobile app or via Happy Manage. 

Happy Manage: manage.happyco.com

  • Click the HappyCo logo in the top left

  • Choose a Property

  • Click the Inspector icon

  • Go to Templates Tab

  • Click to open Template

  • Click Edit Template

  • Select ratings for all items you wish to Pre-fill (you'll know this worked because the rating icons will be colored in)

  • Hit Save & Exit

Upon Saving, all changes will update as default values across all Scheduled inspections created from the template. Draft and Complete inspections will not be updated.

If changes are not reflected immediately, make sure your device is connected to cell data/wifi, go to the Templates tab, and pull down in the in the middle of the screen to force refresh. 

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