In Happy Manage, you’ll be be able to manage your data in the Dashboard. You’ll see a breakdown of your inspections, photos and users.

Manage business info

You can make changes to The Essentials:

  • Update your company details: update business address
  • Manage your devices: unlink a device to link another one as each login is allowed a max of 2 devices

Manage users

To Get Your Team On Board you can:

  • Tap Manage your users: to update user information, click on a user to update details
  • To add a user, please contact us as these changes impact your plan
  • To delete a user, request the change at

Manage folders

  1. Tap on Let’s Get Started
  2. Tap on your folder

Here, you’ll see a breakdown of your data by week and gain controls for managing folders and importing and exporting data.

In Folder Management you can:

  • Rename this folder: change the title of the folder
  • Manage access: control which users have access to which folders
  • Add a Unit/Property

In Import & Export you can:

  • Import Units from CSV: see the video on Bulk Importing Units
  • Download a folder export: download all the data in your folder

And, at down the bottom of the menu, in the Admin section you can make changes to:

  • Company Details: here, you change business address
  • Company Management: access and edit users
  • Integrations, such as Dropbox


  • Access the Happy Help Desk: search our support resources

And, finally, to change your own user details:

  • Tap on your name at the very bottom, and you can change your own user details.
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