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  • What is a Report Preset

  • Report Presets Make Your Report Settings Available To Your Whole Team

  • Creating a Report Preset on Your iPhone or iPad

  • Creating a Report Preset on Android

What is a Report Preset

A report preset is your named and saved group of report settings in a folder.

Report Presets are associated with one of the different types of reports:

  • Standard, 

  • Move In, or 

  • Move Out

In each folder you can create multiple presets for each type of report to customize the look and feel of your reports in different scenarios.

For example, you may have your usual Standard report settings with a standard Report Title set to 'HappyCo Standard Inspection'.

Occasionally though, you may use a different template for your inspection and still want to prepare a Standard report. In this case you may want to setup a second Report Preset otherwise the report will pick up the title 'HappyCo Standard Inspection'. In this second Report Preset you may set the Report Title to 'HappyCo Extraordinary Inspection' or you may leave the report title setting blank and just use the name of the template.

Report Presets make Inspections reports highly configurable.

Report Presets Make Your Report Settings Available To Your Whole Team

Report presets are currently stored on the device at your folder level. 

If you select one preset for a folder for your Standard reports, then every Standard report you create in that folder will pick up this Preset's settings until you change it again through your report settings.

Presets can be saved, and once saved they are available across different devices and the web.

Creating a Report Preset on Your iPhone or iPad

On your iPhone or iPad, report presets are accessible through your report settings. 

Report settings are accessed when you create new reports from any inspection, see our Help Article: Creating Reports: An Overview and How to Create Them.

On your report preview screen, tap the blue Settings down the lower left-hand corner and then adjust your report settings to configure your reports exactly how you wish, for reference see our other Help Articles on Editing Reports.

Once your reports are how you would like them to be, tap the green Save New Preset As at the top of your report settings, then give the group of settings a name, for example 'HappyCo Standard Settings', then tap the checkmark at the top right of the text field. 

You will then see the name of your Report Preset in the box underneath Presets in the top right-hand corner of your report settings.

If you need to select a different Report Preset, tap this box and select a different preset from the list.

If you ever need to remove a Report Preset from your list, slide it to the left and tap the red Delete button.

Creating a Report Preset on Android

On Android Report Presets are setup differently, to iPhone or iPad but the way they work in practice is exactly the same.

When you tap Add Report from an Inspection, and then select you're report type, Standard, Move In or Move Out, you will then be guided through three short screens around customizing your reports. 

On the first Report Customization screen, you can set your company details, company logo and report theme color. On the second screen, you can adjust the title of your report, if required, whether you would like your Inspector's details to be displayed, and where in the report you would like photos to be displayed. Finally, in the third screen you will be asked to give your Report Preset a name. If you select Show Advanced Settings on this screen, then when you tap Create, additional report settings will be displayed on the left of your report preview.

These settings are also available anytime you create a new report on Android by tapping the Settings button up the top right.

Once you've setup your first report preset for your report type then on Android, whenever you create new reports, you will be asked to select from the list of Report Presets, you will not have to go through the Report Customization process every time.

You can edit or delete your Report Presets on Android by tapping on the three dots to the right of your list of presets.

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