There are several methods to adding units into Happy Asset: CapEx & Renos for a property. Most commonly, if you are using a PMS that HappyCo integrates with, we will sync the data with your PMS and import your unit list for you.


Method: Upload units

Step 1: Access the ‘Units’ page from the left-hand menu under the ‘Overview’ section


Step 2: Select ‘Bulk Upload Units’ in the top right-hand side of the ‘Units’ page


Step 3: A new window will pop up allowing you to download a template to use to upload many units in one upload or manually enter unit data on a line-by-line basis. 

Note: The ID field is automatically generated within the system and is blocked from any data entry.

Bulk upload units

Download the csv template using the link shown and complete the unit information. Screenshot_2022-12-22_at_2.27.21_pm.png

Once completed selected ‘Upload data from file’ and select the completed csv template to load.


Manually input unit details

You are also able to add a unit manually using the spreadsheet editor section to complete details for units. Details for each individual unit should be completed in its own row. 


When you start adding details for a unit the window will change. Once you have finished adding your desired units, click ‘Finish’ and follow the prompts to complete the load. 


You are also able to edit unit details manually in this view. Simply select the cell you want to edit, make the change and proceed to 'Finish'.



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