Residents may request that a property team member update their pre-authorized payment information on their behalf. Here's how:


  1. Open Resident Details
    From the menu, click on Residents. Find and click on the resident you want to edit.

  2. Open the PAP Tab
    In the resident panel, click on the PAP tab.

  3. Update Payment Options
    To update their payment option, you may either:

    1. Check the Pay Total Monthly Balance box (they will now pay the total monthly balance), then click the Save Changes button.


    2. Enter an amount for Monthly Pre-Authorized Payment Amount (they will now pay the specified amount), then click the Save Changes button.


    3. Delete their autopay details by clicking the Delete button.

  4. Notification
    An email will be sent to all residents on the lease to let them know a change has been made.
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