For customers who accept resident payments and have an active Yardi integration, AutoPay charges are imported and added to a batch.

What is a Batch?

A batch contains charges specific to a given property and month. For example, January charges for Property #1. Organizing charges into batches makes them easier to manage and track.

When and How is a Batch Created?

Batches are created on the 25th of every month.

A charge is imported from Yardi and added to the batch when it matches the following conditions:

  1. It is marked as an active lease charge within Yardi
  2. The resident for whom the charge applies has pre-authorized payment (PAP) details configured

When the batch is created, it has a status of Draft. This means it hasn't been scheduled yet and has not been submitted for processing.

What Should I Do Once a Batch is Created?

Between the 25th and the last weekday before the 1st of the month, you should review the batch and ensure that the payments are accurate. This is an important step to ensure:

  1. There are no accidental payments in the batch (should've been moved out in Yardi, rent price should be higher, etc.)

  2. You can cross-reference any manual payments provided to you and delete those payments.

To delete payments, simply click into a batch, click on the payments tab, find the payment, and click the Delete Payment button.

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