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So, how can we work together to solve your problem as quickly as possible?


Submit a request and follow these three simple steps:


  1. Describe the problem you're having as thoroughly as possible

  2. Tell us which hardware and software you're using

  3. Explain the steps you've taken to troubleshoot


We know you're busy, but the more detail you provide, the faster we can help!

Here's are some ways to turn a generic message into one we can work from quickly:


A thorough explanation of the problem:

  • Lacks info = "Hi! My reports aren't downloading."

  • Just right = "Hi there! I'm on my desktop trying to download the report I prepared yesterday for Unit 10E, Riverside and the icon in the top-right just keeps spinning."


A sense of the hardware/software at play:

  • Lacks info = "I'm trying to recreate a report and it's not working."

  • Just right = "I'm having trouble creating a report on my iphone7 Plus, which is running iOS 10.3. My Inspections app is coming up with an error message saying that I've reached the limit on my subscription.


A window into your troubleshooting work

  • Lacks info = "Hi! My reports aren't downloading on my desktop. Is your system down?"

  • Just right = "Hi! I'm logged in on my Chrome browser and am having trouble downloading reports. I've tried it on Internet Explorer 11, Edge and Firefox 53 as well. I've cleared my cache and restarted my browser and it's still showing the spinning icon in the top-right corner."


We look forward to chatting with you and getting you back to inspecting as quickly as possible!

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