This article covers how to update a team members property access for HappyCo.
Please note:
  • Property access can only be updated by an account administrator in Manage
  • If you use a channel partner integration, your workflow may be slightly different. Please reach out your partner's support team for clarification.


Updating Folder Access for a Team Member

Your company's inspection data is organized into folders. Each folder contains a list of units and their inspections. Most often a folder will be one of your company's properties or communities.

Before you update a team member's data, make sure all of their current data and photos have uploaded off of their device.

See the Help Articles on uploading data for more help on this if you need: FAQ: Troubleshooting Sync

Once you're certain all the user's data and photos have uploaded and you want to manage their access, login to Happy Manage and go to the Company Management screen, then:

  • select the user

  • click the Manage Direct Access dropdown

  • click the checkmark next to the folders you'd like to grant access

  • click Done to apply your changes. 

To remove a team member's access from a folder, simply click the cross icons at the end of the row of each folder in the User Details screen.

Once you've updated a user's access ensure your team member refreshes their Inspections app after you change their details to ensure the update is pulled down from Happy Manage. To refresh the Inspections app, have your team member pull down on their list of folders, and their list of units, inspections and/or templates.

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