This Help Article covers: 

  • Updating Your Team From the Company Management screen

  • Resetting Your Team's Passwords

This Help Article assumes you're a user with an Administrator role in your company. If you're unsure, please contact us here at


Please Note: If you use a channel partner integration, your workflow may be slightly different. Please reach out your partner's support team for clarification.


Updating Your Team's Details From the Company Management screen

Happy Manage, is accessible from your browser by visiting our homepage

After logging in to Happy Manage as an administrator, on the initial screen you'll see three tabs on the left-hand navigation menu:

  • Company Details

  • Company Management

  • Integrations

Click on Company Management on the left to view a list of all your team.


Click on one team member to see their User Details screen. From here you can edit the user's:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Phone Number

  • Role

  • Reset their password

  • Access to folders in your account

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To update a User’s details, simply click the Name, Email or Phone   enter the new details. Once you click out of the updated field the details will be automatically saved. 

To change a User’s role click their current Role select the new Role from the dropdown. The change will be applied immediately.

Note: ensure your User refreshes their Inspections app after you change their details to ensure the update is pulled down from Happy Manage. To refresh Inspections, just pull down on one of the screens that lists your units, inspections or templates.

Resetting Your Team's Passwords

As an Administrator, you have the ability to reset your team's passwords. 

If a team member has any issues logging in, it might be worth having them double-check their email details are correct and as a last resort, resetting their password.

To start, select the User you'd like to update the password for:

  • click the Action (3 vertical dots) button in the top right

  • click Reset Password

  • enter the new password (optional) 

  • click Reset 

If you leave the password field blank an email will be sent out and the User will be able to choose their own password. If you enter a password for them, you'll need to let them know separately.



Note: you can also send them the following Help Article for them to do it themselves - Managing Your Profile: Updating Your Details.

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