Managing Your Profile: Updating Your Details

This Help Article covers

  • Resetting a user password using the link on one of the login pages

  • Updating a user's name, email, phone and password from your user profile in Happy Manage

To reset the password for a user, you can click one of the 'Forgot your password?' links from either the login screen on:

  • your mobile application, or 

  • our homepage

On both login screens, you will need to enter your user email, then click or tap the blue 'Send email' button.

It may take a couple of minutes for you to receive your email, and please make sure you check junk or spam folders too (if it's in there, please whitelist our domain!

Once you receive the email, please click the 'Change my password' link and enter a new, strong password of at least 8 characters, the more the better. Then click the 'Change my password' button when you're done. 

Your password will now be updated and you can login with the new password.

Updating a user's name, email, phone and password from your user profile in Happy Manage 

Happy Manage, is accessible from your browser by visiting our homepage

Assuming you're already logged in to Happy Manage, from any page click in the lower left corner, where your name is displayed, to bring up your profile screen.

On this screen you can update the:

  • First Name, 

  • Last Name,

  • Email, 

  • Phone Number, and

  • Password 

of your own user account.

Then, click the blue 'Update Profile' button when you're done to save your new details

You will now be able to use the new password to log in, and any new reports which you create after this time will take the new user details if your report settings are set to include the inspector details.

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