Template outlines allow you to select different floor plans, and change the structure of the inspection without having to create a separate template.

How do I enable Template Outlines?

To start, you will need to ensure that Editing Outlines is enabled on your app. Tap your Profile in the bottom left, and tap Settings. You will see Edit Template Outline, switch this ‘on’.

How do I Add or Edit Template Outlines?

Navigate to your Templates tab, and select the Template you want to add or edit the Outlines. Tap the Edit button in the bottom left, then Edit Outlines to open the template edit screen. In the top right you’ll see the Outlines button, tap it. 

To add a new outline, tap the ‘+’ icon in the bottom left and name the outline. In this screen you will see the templates current layout, we just need to ensure all the sections we want in the template are in this screen by adding and removing sections.

To add another section tap the Add Section button, and select the Section you would like to be added. To remove any of the sections tap the red '-' icons next to their names.


If you would like to rearrange the order of these sections, simply drag and drop them by holding on the 3 line icons, to the right.

To apply your changes tap the checkmark in the top right. You can have many different variations to suit any type of floorplan, just tap the plus icon to add as many as you need.

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