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Through HappyCo's Company Management feature you can deactivate Users that no longer need access to HappyCo software, as well as reactivate them if they need access again in the future.


Deactivating a Team Member

Deactivating Users will remove access to your company's account, and remove them from your active Users list. Removing Users once they no longer need access is a good way to keep your account organized and data secure.

  • log in to click the Company Management tab click the 3 dot action button to the right of the User's name click Deactivate User.

You can also deactivate Users from the User Details screen. To do this:

  • log in to click the Company Management tab select the User click the 3 dot action button in the top right click Deactivate User.

Tip: Once deactivated, users can't access their account or upload data. So make sure no inspections or reports from the user is waiting to be uploaded.


Reactivating a Team Member

If you need to reinstate a User's account, you can do this by clicking the Deactivated Users in the Company management. The Users account will then be reactivated with the same privileges as when they were removed. To Reactivate a User:

  • log in to click the Company Management tab click the Deactivated Users tab click Reactivate next to the User's name.

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