This article covers how to access, update, and archive calls for the Leasing and General inboxes in Call Complete.


To access Leasing and General calls, please follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Activities button in Call Complete and select either Leasing or General

  • The inbox will default to the current month, and display the most recent calls at the top of the list


  • Under the Message section, click on the Voice Message button to open the call

  • This will allow you to listen to the recorded voicemail

    • You can click on the 3 dots next to the recording to download the audio file or adjust the playback speed


  • A transcription of the message will display underneath the recording as well

  • To add notes to a call, click on the Add or Update button under the Notes section for the call


  • Once a call has been dealt with, it can then be moved to either the Archive or Trash inboxes

    • Archived messages will remain in the system, but be removed from the open call list

    • Messages moved to the trash list will be deleted from the system after 30 days

  • To update the status of a message, click on the check box to the left of the call

  • Next, click on the Bulk Actions button to open a drop down menu

  • Select either Archive or Move to Trash

  • Once calls have been removed from the Open Inbox, you can still view them by clicking the Inbox button in the upper right and selecting either Archive or Trash to view their respective inboxes


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