Renovation Items and Renovation Packages make it possible to easily allocate Construction Scope Items to Unit Renovations! If you're familiar with Templates on our Happy Property Platform, this follows a similar concept.


If preferred, it is always possible to manually add Construction Scope Items individually.


Adding Renovation Items

1. Select a Property to get started

2. Click Property Settings

3. Click Renovation Items

4. Click New Item

5. Enter any Item Details

6. Select a Category (or use the Search bar to search)

7. Click to select a Location (all that apply)

8. Select a Unit Type / Floorplan

Note: Unit Type will determine which Floorplan the Renovation Item can be applied to. For example, a Unit with an A1 Floorplan will only display Renovation Item options if A1 has been selected


9. Add a Cost and/or GL Code if applicable

10. Add any specifications for Make, Model, Color, etc.

11. Files such as manuals or images can be uploaded

12. Add at least one Construction Scope Item

13. Additional Construction Scope Items can also be added

14. Click Save

Adding Renovation Packages

15. Click Renovation Packages

16. Click New Package

17. Add a Package Name and/or Description

18. Click the "+" sign next to any Renovation Items to be added to the Package

19. Click Save


Adding Renovation Packages to Unit Renovations

1. Click on a Unit Renovation project

2. Click Specifications

3. Click Add

4. Click the dropdown menu to Choose Renovation Package

5. Click Save

6. All set! Now the grouping of Renovation Items will be added from the Renovation Package

Note: Any Construction Scope Items that were attached to Renovation Items will also be available under the Construction Scope tab to be assigned!


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