What you should know about DD Common Area Inspections: 

  • Common Area Inspections are NOT pre-scheduled

  • ALL Common Area inspections are performed under the same designated area (commonly labeled as: Interior/Exterior Common Areas, Community or Common Areas) 

Performing DD Common Area Inspections:

  1. Tap to the Areas tab

  2. Tap the "+" icon

  3. You should see a list of Common Area Templates as below:IMG_5719.PNGNote: If you don't see a list populating here, it's possible that your organization does not have Common Area Templates assigned to your account. Contact your Administrator or dd@happy.co for support.

  4. Tap the "+" next to the Common Area you'd like to add an inspection for; note that if an inspection already exists for a Common Area, you will see a number next to the area signifying how many inspections already exist for that Common Area
  5. Tap Done

  6. The Common Areas list will now include any Areas that were added

  7. Tap on any Common Area to start the inspection

The same Common Area inspection can be performed multiple times during a DD in order to accommodate for multiple buildings, amenities, etc. at the property. 


As always, if you need assistance, please reach out to our DD Team at dd@happy.co!

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