Insights is a robust business intelligence (BI) solution empowering real-time analysis of property performance across your portfolio.

What types of data will Insights allow me to include in dashboards?

Insights features full access to all data points in HappyCo so you can query data captured by any and all completed inspections. Insights offers dashboards related to configured templates that automatically report on estimated damage charges at move out, regional manager site visit score, damage counts and trends, inventory and type of appliances and completion rates for scheduled inspections. Insights also includes photo reporting, pre-calculated measures and the ability to calculate in table values.  

I already have a BI solution, why should I consider Insights ?

Insights delivers industry-leading dashboards right out of the box. Designed in collaboration with leading Multifamily enterprise and mid-market clients, Insights empowers your teams with actionable data from launch with the ability to easily filter or customize dashboards for their specific needs. Now you can make your HappyCo data work for you right away, without waiting for analysts to build data connections.

What dashboards are included out-of-the-box? 

Insights comes with five dashboards available right out of the box, so you can start analyzing your data instantly and customize new reports and dashboards that align perfectly with the requirements of your executive and operations teams. 

Out-of-the-box dashboards included in Insights:

  • Multifamily Operations Damages: metrics and trends on inspection repair and replace activity

  • Multifamily Operations Charges: metrics and trends on estimated inspection charges

  • Multifamily Operations Scoring: metrics and trends on inspection scores collected during your site visits

  • Usage & Adoption: metrics and trends on your company’s inspection activity to help track compliance against company inspection policies

  • Item Analysis: metrics and trends at the item level to help you answer specific questions for critical business functions, such as budgeting and forecasting.

Does Insights include the ability to displays photos in reports or dashboards?

Yes, Insights includes the ability to easily display inspection photos on both reports and dashboards. Simply add Photo Preview as a field in your Explore table to add photos to any of your reports. In addition, the out-of-the-box Item Analysis dashboard includes a Photo Feed of the property items you’re tracking. You can even adjust the size of photo thumbnails, and drill into photos at full resolution with a click. 

Is it easy to customize Insights out-of-the-box dashboards and reports?

At HappyCo, delivering a phenomenal user experience is core to our DNA — so our product, data and engineering teams have worked hard to ensure you and your team won’t have to spend countless hours deciphering how to add a field or apply a filter to a dashboard or report. Happy Insights is designed for the business user, with easy drag-and-drop functionality, flexible, no SQL filtering with auto-populated selections, and a configurable data visualization engine. Any dashboards you customize can be easily saved and are instantly shared across your corporate account.

Can I easily schedule and share dashboards to my team or external stakeholders?

Scheduling and sharing is easy with Insights - simply use the schedule function to share dashboards or reports with your team on any cadence you choose. Various export formats ensure easy consumption regardless of device. You can schedule a dashboard or individual report to be emailed to your team on a regular cadence or send ad hoc. 

How do I purchase Insights?

If you’re already a HappyCo customer on the Pro Plan, you can purchase Insights as an add-on by contacting your Account Executive. Core Plan customers will need to upgrade to the Pro Plan prior to purchasing Insights. If you’re not currently a HappyCo customer, contact us by filling out a ‘Request Demo’ form on our website, and we will be in touch shortly.

How much does Insights cost?

Your HappyCo Account Executive can provide a quote based on your needs. A one-time setup fee is charged prior to implementation.

Is there a limit to the number of users I can have in Insights?

There is no limit to the number of admins or data analysts for your account. Note that changes are shared among all of your account users, so everyone on your team with Insights access will see the same reports and dashboards, and any changes made to your dashboards or reports are shared globally across your account.

What is the standard lead time for deploying Insights to my existing HappyCo account?

We estimate a two week deployment for Insights from kick-off call to Go Live. This allows us ample time to evaluate and meet your specific data intelligence requirements, plus train your staff on using Insights and customizing the included out-of-box dashboards. 

Can I get a demo?

Absolutely, one of account executives or product experts will be more than happy to show you Happy Insights. Just contact your Account Executive or contact us by filling out our website ‘Request Demo’ form, and we will be in touch shortly.

What’s the difference between Happy BI and Insights?

The Happy BI product has been sunset, and Insights is our new business intelligence solution product built on Looker, a best-in-breed BI & Analytics platform recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI. One of the first differences you’ll notice is the ease and speed in which you will be able to explore your data and gain meaningful insights, and that’s why we’ve named it Insights! No longer will you need a BI expert to answer key operational  questions, increase NOI, and make better business decisions.


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