This article covers how to access and update a message for Call Complete Maintenance calls.

Please note: Maintenance messages are not located in the Call Complete tab. Instead, they will appear under the Tasks tab in Manage.


To access and update Maintenance messages, please follow these steps:

  • Once you have selected your property in Manage, click on the Tasks tab on the left under Apps

  • Emergency messages will be marked as Urgent

  • Routine messages will be marked as Normal


  • Next, click on the Add Filters button in the upper right corner

  • This will open a window where you can toggle on the option for Voicemail

    • Only Call Complete generated tasks will have voicemails attached


  • Once you have selected the necessary filters, click Apply Filters

  • You can now click on any task to open the details view or use the search bar in the upper right to search for specific units, categories, etc


  • Once you have opened the task, there will be a transcript of the voicemail, and a playable message

  • You can download the voicemail or adjust the playback speed by clicking in the 3 dots to the right of the volume icon


  • Any previous activity related to the task will display under the Task Activity section

  • You can add a note/update to the task by writing in the 'Post an update or question here' box at the bottom and then clicking the Comment button

  • You can also upload a file/photo using the Attach Files option


To update the status of a Maintenance message, please follow these steps:

  • Click on the drop down menu box next to Status in the upper right corner of the task


  • Tasks marked On Hold will remain in the Open queue

  • Select Complete once the task/message has been finished

  • Once a task is marked Complete, it will be moved to the Complete queue

  • These tasks can be viewed by clicking on the drop down menu next to Tasks and Maintenance at the top of the page and selecting Complete


  • Please note: only HappyCo Account Administrators can delete tasks

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