This article covers how to access and update a message within the Leasing, Courtesy, or General sections for Call Complete.


To access and update Leasing, Courtesy, or General messages, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Call Complete tab in Manage on the left side under Apps

  • Next, select the Messages tab

  • This view will default to the Leasing messages

  • To change views, click on the drop down box next to Messages at the top

  • From here you can choose to view Courtesy or General messages


  • You can use the arrows next to the month and year to cycle between which month you're viewing

  • The view will default to the current Inbox of open messages

  • You can click on Inbox to open a menu to view archived and deleted messages


  • To open and listen to a message, click on the blue Voice Message button


  • You can download the voicemail or adjust the playback speed by clicking in the 3 dots to the right of the volume icon


  • Once on the Messages page for the appropriate team, there will be a blue Add button under the Note section to the right of each message



  • Click this Add button to attach any necessary notes for the message, which will be time stamped

    • This will appear as Update if notes have been previously added to the message


To archiving or deleting messages, follow these steps:

  • Click on the circle to the left of the messages that need to be removed

    • You can also select the circle next to Bulk Actions to select all messages within the currently viewed month

  • Click on Bulk Actions to open the menu 

  • Select either Move to Trash and Archive

    • Archived message will be removed from your open view, but remain saved in the system

    • Messages moved to the Trash section will be deleted from the system after 30 days

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