This article covers the Mobile HELP Menu options and how to access them for Call Complete.


The Mobile HELP Menu gives you access to several Call Complete features, including:

  • Who’s on-call? – see who is scheduled on-call today and tomorrow, along with any backups. This info is based on the current On-Call Schedule.

  • Update today’s schedule – allows you to change your On-Call Schedule directly from your phone without having to log into the portal

  • Incoming call summary – provides a call count for each call type that has been received by the system since the closing hour of the previous business day (see the example below)


  • Open Visual Voicemail – sends you a link to your Emergency Maintenance Visual Voicemail inbox so you can check the status of any emergency maintenance call

  • Resident Alerts – allows you to set a resident alert directly from your phone without having to log into the portal


The HELP Menu options are based on a user's role within Call Complete. The available permissions are listed below:



To interact with the HELP Menu follow these steps:

  • Text the word "Help" to your Call Complete community number

  • Type the number corresponding to your desired action

  • Follow the prompts until you receive confirmation

  • Type "Help" to return to the main menu

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