Notifications in Happy Asset are designed to keep you informed, whether you’re at your desk or working on the go. Read on to learn more about Happy Asset’s notifications and how they work.

There are two types of notifications:

In-Product Notifications

In-product notifications provide real-time, on-screen alerts within the application for immediate awareness while using Happy Asset.

As Happy Asset is a web-based app, all notifications will work the same way whether you are using a mobile or desktop device.


Email Notifications

Email notifications serve as an additional communication channel, ensuring users and external teams receive timely updates and alerts outside the platform.

Activities that trigger notifications


In-Product Notifications

How to locate and use

  1. Log in to Happy Asset and locate In-Product Notifications via the “Bell” icon on the top right of your product header
  2. Click on the icon to open a dropdown displaying any existing notifications
  3. An unread notification will have a purple dot beside it
  4. Click on a notification item to view its relevant content
  5. The purple dot will disappear automatically once the content has been seen

How to mark notifications as read manually:

  • To mark all notifications as read, click the “Mark As Read” button at the top right of the notifications dropdown.
  • To mark an individual notification as read, hover over a list item, to reveal the “Envelope” icon and click it

Email Notifications

Email Notifications happen automatically for Happy Asset users. For both users and external contacts, make sure to enter their email correctly into the system to ensure emails notifications work smoothly.

Email Notifications provide a snippet of relevant information and an easy path into Happy Asset. Conversations-related emails (tags and replies) can be replied to directly via the email platform.

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