What is Proforma?

Proforma allows customers to create business plans that are in connection with property acquisitions information and capital projects. Customers can set the length of the proforma by indicating the year the proforma starts and how many years it will last. 


How do general ledger items work in proforma?

Customers can indicate which general ledger items they would like to include in their proforma for budgeting reasons. 


How do capital projects work in proforma?

Customers can connect capital projects created to a general ledger item in their proforma.

The year of the project is connected to the general ledger item and the year set in the proforma creation.

Customers can connect their capital projects to proformas at the project level.


How does reporting work in proforma?

Proforma was designed to be a stand-alone report visually for those who need to review and track a proforma.

Customers can utilize Data Insights, and select proforma to see a full overview of the proforma data and can export the data for any other external needs.


Further Questions?

Please reach out to your customer success or account executive for any additional questions you might have.

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