This Help Article covers:

  • Learning why photos are not appearing in a report

  • Restarting sync (in case it was interrupted)

  • Reviewing sync queue to retry the upload process

  • Sending error reports that include the info our Support team needs

Why are my photos not appearing on my report?

If you have shared a report from the Inspections app but aren't seeing some of the images from the original inspection, don't worry! The images could just be waiting to upload off of the device that was used. Here's what to do next:

  • If you're using an iPhone, check for a blue badge on the cloud icon (either top right of the title bar or on the left navigation menu).

  • The number in that badge represents the total number of items waiting to upload.

  • If you tap the Sending Photos tab, you'll see if there are photos that still need to upload. If you see the phrase "Everything is up-to-date," you'll know everything has synced.

  • One thing to note: if your iPhone screen shuts down automatically at certain intervals, or if you lock the phone, this can interrupt the inspection uploading process.

  • On an Android, the Cloud Activity window will not have the same badges, but it will still list the items that need to upload.


Restarting sync, which may have been interrupted

If a photo upload gets interrupted, here's how you'll know:

  • On an iPhone or iPad app, you'll see a red badge on your Cloud icon.

  • On an Android, click into Cloud Activity. If you see that items are not moving, you'll know they're not uploading.

Inspections will try to restart your upload on its own. But, you can also manually restart the upload! Through this approach, you give a command to every item in the queue to try uploading again. Here's what to do:

  • On an iPhone, tap the Cloud icon in the left navigation menu.

  • Tap Retry All in the top right of the yellow bar.

  • You'll see activity on the photos and inspection data as they start uploading again.

  • On an Android, tap the word Sync in the top right of the Cloud Activity window.


Looking at each item in the sync queue

You can also restart the sync process by checking on specific items in your queue. Here's how:

  • To retry an upload for an item, tap the Cloud icon in the left navigation menu.

  • This opens up the Cloud Activity window.

  • From there, you'll see two tabs: Sending Data and Sending Photos.

  • If an item under one of these tabs has a green information button to the right, tap on it for more details.

  • From there, you'll be able to tap Retry on that item.

  • If you see any other items you see that need to be synced, simply repeat the process above.


Sending error reports and providing our Support team with the information that helps us help you

If an upload gets interrupted, you may be able to send an error report that helps our Support team troubleshoot the issue and get your data synced! Here's what to do:

  • Tap the Cloud icon in the left navigation menu. This opens the Cloud Activity window.

  • You'll see two tabs in this window: Sending Data and Sending Photos.

  • Under these tabs, look for items with a green info button on the right.

  • Tap that information button to see the option: Send Details.

  • Tap that option, and an email template will appear that includes an error report in the body of the email.

  • Provide as much information as possible here, ideally screenshots of what you see on your device, so that our Support team can troubleshoot and resolve the issue as fast as possible.

  • Once you have finished preparing an error report, tap the Send button in the top right. One our friendly team members will be in touch!



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