• How does sync work?

  • How can I tell if my inspection or report is synced or not in the Inspections app?

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How does sync work?

  • Sync works by transferring inspection data through the internet to the HappyCo Cloud, where the information is stored and backed up.

  • Because the sync process relies on the internet, it's ideal to have a good wifi or cell connection during inspections.

  • But, don't worry! Even if reliable internet is an issue, Inspections won't lose all the information you've collected.

  • The app is still working away in the background to upload your inspection data, gathering the information into a queue until a solid internet connection returns.

  • You can view this queue of items by tapping the cloud icon in the navigation bar, on the left, and viewing the Cloud Activity window.

  • On an iPhone/iPad, the cloud icon will have a blue badge that shows the number of items waiting to upload. You'll know everything has been uploaded when there are no badges left.


How can I tell if my inspection or report is synced or not in my Inspections app?

First, a little context: when an inspection is synced, all of the data (ratings, notes, photos) from the original inspection will appear on your device.


Second, a helpful fact to keep in mind: since the Inspections app was designed to accommodate many photos per inspection and smooth offline functionality, inspections do not download automatically each time you log in. That means Inspections can show you reports that are synced and reports that are not synced.


Now, let's bring all that together! How do you view synced reports?

  • Using a working wifi connection, log in to the Inspections app.

  • A summary of all new inspections and reports attached to your account will be downloaded into your app.

  • To view them, you'll need to tap into an inspection or report.

  • Synced reports will include the word "Synced' underneath the date and time of the inspection. The title and icon of an inspection will be dark green if the inspection is both synced and completed. (If the inspection is synced but still in a draft mode, it will appear as dark orange).


So, how do you know you're looking at report that is not synced? And, how can you sync it?

  • You'll know an inspection is not synced if it features the words "tap to download" underneath the date and time of the inspection.

  • Our color scheme will help here, too! A pale green title and icon will indicate that an inspection was completed in the field but is not synced. A pale orange shade will indicate that an inspection is not synced and also still in draft mode.

  • To sync the unsynced report, remain on a reliable wifi connection and follow the "tap to download" instruction you see.


Lastly: if you're offline and try to view an unsynced inspection, you will receive an error telling you to connect online. So, be sure you're online.


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