If you have a question or change related to your Due Diligence or Lease File Audit order, you can let our team know by creating a Service Request on the order!


To create a service request:

  • Click on the Overview tab

  • Click on the DD Orders tab

  • Select the order you'd like to add a request to

  • Click on the Make A Request button

  • Fill out the details of your request in the Submit a New Request Window and click Add Request when you're finished

To add a file (i.e. an updated Rent Roll, etc.) to your service request:

  • Click on the "speech bubble" icon next to your service request

  • Type in the Conversation box and add a description of the file and how it pertains to your request

  • Click the paperclip icon and choose your file: 

  • Click Post when you're all done

Our team will be alerted once your request has been submitted. You can also add further details and respond to the Due Diligence team directly by clicking on the speech bubble icon, as well as being able to view any related files we've sent back to you.

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