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Please note: this feature may have been disabled for your organization.


Deleting a Template from your iPhone or iPad

To delete a template you no longer need in your folder, first make sure you're working in the Templates sections of your app.


On your iPhone tap the small, hamburger menu up the top left to reveal the navigation menu on the left hand side of the Inspections app, then tap Templates. On your iPad, slide your list of properties to the right and tap Templates.


The screen should then change to having a blue titlebar up the top containing Templates.


Once you're in the Templates section of your app scroll to find the template you wish to remove then slide the template to the left and tap the red Delete button.


The template will then be removed from your list of templates in your folder.


Deleting a Template from your Android device

Managing templates with our Android app is handled through our Manage web application. Unfortunately, at this point in time this feature is coming soon. Simply submit a request with the details of what you would like removed and we'll update your account.


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