This article covers how to edit a user's details and password in HappyCo.

Please note: This option is only available to users with the Administrator role. Also, if your account uses SSO to manage logins, please reach out to your internal IT team to assist with password resets.


Editing a User's Details

  • Log into Manage and click on the Settings (cogwheel) icon in the upper right corner

  • Next, select the Users tab under Admin on the left side of the screen

  • This will bring you to the list of current Users


  • Click on the name of the user that you need to edit

    • You can use the search bar at the top to search by the user's name or email


  • In the User's Details page on the right, make any necessary changes to their Name, Short Name, or Phone Number

    • Email address cannot be updated

    • If a user's email address has changed, you will need to deactivate the current profile and create a new user profile with the updated email address

  • Once you are finished making changed, click on the Save button

  • Please note: Any changes made to a user's profile will not affect any previously generated reports that included Inspector Details


Resetting a User's Password

  • To reset the user's password, click on the Set Password button


  • This will open a screen where you can enter a temporary password for the user

    • Please note: You will need to provide the user with the new temporary password

  • Once you have entered the password into both boxes, click the Set Password button in the bottom right

  • The user will be prompted to create a new password once they have logged in using the assigned temporary password 

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