This article covers how to update a user's property access in HappyCo.

Please note: This option is only available to users with the Administrator role. 


To update a user's property access, please follow the steps below:

  • Log into Manage and click on the Settings (cogwheel) icon in the upper right corner

  • Next, select the Users tab under Admin on the left side of the screen

  • This will bring you to the list of current Users


  • Click on the name of the user that you need to edit

    • You can use the search bar at the top to search by the user's name or email

  • In the User's Details page on the right, select the Property Access tab


  • Properties that the user currently has access to will have a purple checkmark in the Direct Access column or a grey checkmark in the Business Access column

    • Business Access properties cannot be unselected from this screen since the overall account has been granted access

  • You can scroll to find the property name that needs to be added or removed from the user's profile

    • Depending on the number of properties, you may have to use the search bar to locate the property

  • To remove a property, click the purple checkmark to switch to an empty circle

    • Please note: be sure the user has synced all data related to the property from their mobile device before removing access

  • To add a property, click the circle under Direct Access to toggle on the purple checkmark

  • Once you have finished making changes, click the Save button in the lower right corner

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