This article covers how to complete a HappyCo Guest Inspection. 


Please note: If you have any questions about the Guest Inspection or need a copy of it, you will need to reach out to the company that sent the inspection.



Receiving the Inspection

  • When an inspection is sent to a resident, you will receive an email notifying you of the inspection

  • This email will have the sender's display name, and will come from the email address

    • Make sure this email address is accepted as a known sender to avoid having inspections land in an email spam filter

  • The email's subject line reads "You've been requested to complete a [name of inspection]"

  • In the email, click on the View Inspection button to open the inspection details

  • Next, select the Next or Get Started button to open the inspection in your browser

    • If the inspection is already complete, a message will indicate it's already done

    • If the inspection isn't accessible for other reasons, a message will reflect that it isn't available


The Inspection Form

  • Once you've opened the inspection, you'll see a list of sections which will contain items

  • You'll be able to select options in each rating set, add notes, and upload photos

  • Clicking on the Add Photo button will prompt you to attach or take a photo, depending on the type of device you're using

  • If this inspection has already been started, it will show the current state of the inspection

  • Any photos, notes, and rating data entered is saved 

    • This means if you're interrupted or close your browser and reopen it again, you shouldn't lose any data so long as it was able to sync


Signing Guest Inspections

  • If a signature is required, you'll complete the inspection and then click Next at the bottom of the form

  • This will take you to the option to sign a declaration stating that this inspection was completed by yourself and is accurate to the best of your knowledge

  • Select the Click to Sign option to open a dialogue view with an area to draw your signature

  • Once the declaration has been signed, click on the Agree and Complete Inspection button

  • Clicking this button will submit the inspection and take you to the saving inspection view

    • A prompt is then shown while the inspection uploads

    • Once it's fully uploaded, a confirmation dialogue will be shown




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