This article covers how to send a Guest Inspection from Manage and ensure the signature requirement is turned on.


Please note: Guest Inspections are sent from Happy Manage on the web, and not the mobile Inspections app. Be sure you're logged in to Happy Manage at


Sending a Guest Inspection

  • Once you're logged into Manage, navigate to the property folder using the Select Property drop down menu at the top

  • Next, click on the Inspections tab under Apps on the left side

  • In your inspections list, click on the 3 vertical dots to the far right of the inspection you wish to send

  • Select Send Inspection


  • A new window will appear, prompting you for the name and email address of the person you need to send the inspection to

  • This window also allows you to select a due date, turn on the expire option, and add a message to be sent with the email as well


  • Once you have finished filling out this information, click the Send button

  • The recipient will receive an email with a link to complete the inspection


Requiring a Signature

The Guest Inspections can be configured to require a resident to sign them digitally upon completion. This signature will be automatically added to the report created. 

Please note: This feature is accessed through Template editing. If you do not have access to edit a template, be sure to reach out to an account administrator to enable this feature. 

  • Click on the Settings (cogwheel) icon in the upper right corner of Manage

  • Next, select Templates under the Setup section on the left

  • Once in your template list, locate and click on the template you wish to edit

  • This will open the template view, and display a template settings window on the right


  • Click the Edit button to the right of Report Workflow

  • The options for Enable Automated Workflow and Automatically Generate Report must first be turned on

  • Once these are turned on, toggle on the option Require Signature (Guest Inspections Only)

  • Once all the necessary options have been toggled on, click the Save button in the lower right





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