This article covers the 3 types of rating items for inspections and how to toggle them on and off in an inspection.


Ratings Items: the 3 types of ratings

To rate an item tap on the rating selection on the left-hand side of the inspection screen. 


  • Circular checkboxes allow you to select all of the ratings that apply to that item

  • If you have a bed that is is Good and Clean for example, you can select both of these

Drop-down list

  • A drop-down list will appear as a rectangle on the left-hand side of your app

  • Tapping it opens up a menu of options and you can only select one, the most appropriate rating

Radio buttons

  • Radio button type ratings are rating sets that allow you to only select one option

  • For example: if your rating is Yes or No, you can only select one of these


Checkboxes: rating and un-rating the Bed item


Undoing a rating

  • To undo a rating tap again on the rating which has been selected


Rating all items in an inspection which have the same rating type on iOS

  • You can quickly rate all the items in a room or all the items in an inspection which share the same type of rating set by tapping and holding on the rating

  • Tap and holding on a particular rating will bring up a dialogue to Rate All Items

  • Tap Rate All to rate all the items in your inspection which share that same rating set

  • Tap Only in the section’s items to rate just the items in that section

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