What is happening to Happy BI and Happy Manage Custom Dashboards?

We are transitioning Happy BI to Happy Insights. As part of this transition, we will no longer be supporting further Happy Manage Custom Dashboards work. 

I am a Happy BI customer. What does this transition mean for me?

During the transition to Happy Insights, our Launch Team will work directly with Happy BI customers to ensure a smooth transition. This process will include training on the new platform, assisting and advising for any template configuration changes, and a limited amount of custom dashboard work. 

What is the timeline for transitioning Happy BI customers?

Happy BI customers are eligible to move to Happy Insights at no additional cost if they contact us by Aug 31, 2018, to schedule their Launch date on or before Dec 20, 2018, and they launch during that period. Contact your Account Manager to discuss your transition.

What happens if I can not transition from Happy BI to Happy Insights by Dec 20, 2018?

Happy BI customers that do not make the transition to Happy Insights by Dec 20, 2018, will be responsible for implementation fees and the higher price per unit of Happy BI. 

How much effort is involved in transitioning to Insights from Happy BI?

The launch team will manage customer transitions to Insights and ensure the customer experience is smooth. Depending on the complexity of the customers’ current configuration, we are anticipating a 2-week transition period. Customers will need to be available for live training sessions, reviewing training materials and dashboards, and providing feedback on dashboards. 

I have Happy Manage Custom Dashboards. What does this transition mean for me?

There will no longer be any support for building or maintaining Happy Manage Custom Dashboards starting Aug 31, 2018, for existing customers. 

I have Happy Manage Custom Dashboards. Does this mean I will lose all my dashboards?

Customers with Happy Manage Custom Dashboards will not lose access to any of the dashboards they have configured in their account. We may transition the underlying technology that delivers these dashboards to Happy Insights at our discretion; however customers that have not purchased Insights will not be able to customize these dashboards, nor will they have full Insights access, unless they purchase Insights. In addition, any future custom work on Happy Manage Custom Dashboards will require you to be an Insights customer. Insights includes many additional features beyond dashboards, including exploring your data in real time and photo reports. Learn more >  

What are the important dates I need to know?

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