This article covers how to add and remove properties for your HappyCo account through the Property Provisioning Portal.


The Property Provisioning Portal is an easy way to add or remove properties from your PM software to your HappyCo account! You will need Account Admin level permissions.

Adding A New Property

To add a new property, log into Happy Manage and click on the Property Provisioning Tab.

Next, click on the Add Property button, and fill out the property details:

Once you're finished entering all the details, click the Submit Order button on the bottom of the form. Our team will reach out to you if we have any questions!

Active Properties

The Active Properties tab displays any currently active properties that have been linked successfully. These properties will also be live in your HappyCo account, and will be billed to your account once activated.

Upcoming Properties

The Upcoming Properties tab displays any properties that have been added, but aren't yet ready to be activated. Until they have been activated on the date in the Activates On column, they will not appear in your account and you will not be charged until the activation date.


Deactivated Properties

Any Properties listed in the Deactivated Properties are no longer linked between your PM software and HappyCo account.

You can deactivate a property that is no longer being managed or operated by your company by clicking on any property in the Active Properties tab, then clicking on Deactivate Property:

If you are an Administrator for your HappyCo account and currently use a PM software, but do not currently have a Property Provisioning Portal enabled for your account, please reach out to your HappyCo Customer Success Manager and they will be happy to help!


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