Accessing the Template Editor

If you have Account Admin role permissions, you can access the Template Editor online in Happy Manage. To start editing templates:

  • log in to

  • click the Settings icon in the top right (it looks like a gear)

  • click Templates in the left side menu bar



Renaming Templates, Sections and Items

You can Rename Sections and Items in the Template editor by:

  • Click the TemplateSection/Item name on the right enter the new name in the Name field click Update to commit your changes.



Adding a New Section

When adding a new Section, you can either create a blank new section, or copy another section with all it's items. To do this:

  • Click Add Section enter the Section Name to copy another Section's items, select it so there is a checkmark click Create Section.



Adding Items

Items are what your team will be inspecting. To add a new Item:

  • Click Add Item enter the Name enter any notes for the inspectors in the Notes field enter pre filled any comments in Comments choose a rating set by clicking Select Another Rating Set click Create Items.

When you create an Item you can also create a new Rating. You can create a new rating by:

  • Create a new item click the '+' icon in the Rating the Label is the identifier in the Inspection and Report Short Hand is an abbreviation displayed in the app Grade will represent the selection on the Report (eg Yes or No) Choose a color and icon click the checkmark.



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