Due Diligence done right? It happens when your templates work just as you want them to! So, let's learn what you need to know about editing! 

First, a little clarity about templates. They're just like the paper forms you'd use to conduct a walk — except a digital platform, pre-set with items. Since HappyCo has helped with thousands of DD walks, we've developed a best practice template - and we highly recommend it! 

Before we dive into editing possibilities, we do want to advise: it's best to make edits before your walks get underway. That's because edits only sync through to unit walks that are in scheduled status. Draft or complete inspections will not be updated with edits. 

Alright, we're ready to get started! First, log in to Happy Manage and click Settings. Then, click the Inspection Templates button and select the template. From there, click Edit Template.

Let's start with adding items. From the Template Editor, head to the bottom of the section where you'd like to add an item. Then, click on the Add New Item button. Add the item's name in the Name field, and type in any helpful notes into the "Info field." That text will show up as a blue icon next to the item in the inspection -- for example, beside a WINDOW item, the copy would read: "check for proper sealing." The Comments field is where you can enter any text that you'd like to be pre-populated for the inspection item. 

Saving the best for last: Rating Set is a key feature to understand! To choose an already-existing Rating Set, click Select Another Rating Set. HappyCo recommends this option to ensure a seamless path to a complete DD condition report. However, you can certainly create your own rating set or customize an existing one. 

The most important field in DD reports is the rating set Label. In order for an item to be reported on, its rating must be labeled either "Condition" or "Type." The Shorthand field can be anything, but it's best that, if you use a Radio Rating Set, that you ensure it describes what each icon or grade means – such as "Good - Repair - Replace - N/A."

Each Grade also has its own description that will be reported on. Plus, every grade gets a customizable icon AND a color. As an added safeguard to ensure your teams gather the most critical condition data -- you'll see that the Repair and Replace grades have boxes checked next to Require photo. That means that if the rating is selected, the inspector will be required to take a photo and add a note to ensure anyone reviewing knows the extent of the damage. 

If you're happy with your rating set, click the Checkmark to lock it into place! And, if you realize you want to delete an item? Click the checkbox next to the item and then the Trash icon. 

Next, let's cover how to add a section to your templates!  First off: new sections need to be added to your Template outlines in order to appear for your Due Diligence walk. And, we can absolutely help with adding them -- just fill out a Service Request when placing your DD Order. 

But, to give it a go yourself -- click Add New Section. You'll have the option to copy a pre-existing section if you'd like. To do that, just click the Checkmark next to the section you want to duplicate and then give the section a new name at the top of the screen. 

Then, you can follow the previous steps to insert items into your section. Once you're all set adding sections, just click Save and Exit. Then, be sure to click Configure Outlines on the right side of the screen to add the new section before your walk gets underway. 

To pause just a bit on what outlines mean for your DD walks: if you have a 2-by-1 outline, that would show two bedroom sections. This tells the HappyCo system that the walk is set up to pre-insert two bedrooms for any units that have the outline (i.e. floorplan). 

If you'd like to rearrange your sections in these outlines to a flow that suits your teams better, you can click and drag to shift the layout. Then, be sure to click Save. A key thing to note: you MUST add any new sections to ALL APPLICABLE OUTLINES for them to appear during the unit walk. If you need help with this, just send us a service request!

Next, to delete a section -- just click on the section header and then the trash icon. A word of warning: Deleting a section automatically removes it from any outlines. 

Finally, to apply changes made to a template in Happy Manage to your Inspections, just "pull down" on the inspection list on your device to sync changes BEFORE starting the walk. 

And, that's all you need to know to edit templates so they work for your teams! 


If you need assistance with editing your template, please submit a request.


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