Three Keys to a Successful Unit Walk:

  • Users must initially download/sync all inspections prior to inspecting offline

  • Inspections are pre-scheduled, you should never need start a new unit inspection

  • There should be exactly one inspection found under each unit at all times

Initial Download / Sync Instructions: 

(1) Login to Mobile App
(2) Enter Property Folder
(3) Tap Menu in the top left, go to Inspections tab
(4) Pull down in middle of screen to refresh

Once all inspections finishing populating, you can disconnect your device from wifi/cell data and begin performing inspections. 

For best app performance, it is recommended to leave devices offline(airplane mode) and only reconnect to wifi/cell data to sync up progress.

Performing a Unit by Unit Inspection: 

(1) Go to the Units tab
(2) Tap to enter a unit
(3) Tap the Scheduled Inspection to begin

(4) Tap the checkmark save icon at the top right to complete inspection

The inspection will close and return to the unit detail screen. You can tap the back arrow at the top left to return to the Units tab and inspect a new unit. 

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