Now, what happens if you’re on an inspection, and there’s an extra room or area that you want to inspect, but it’s not in your template? You can add a section for it.

If you find that your template is missing sections or items, or rooms are inaccurately labeled, adjust the template at the master level so that it will be correct when you do inspections.

Add & delete sections and items

You can add a section for it and make other necessary changes:

  1. Tap on Insert Item or Section

  2. Tap Insert Section and either duplicate an existing section or add a brand new section

  3. Let’s duplicate a bathroom, for example

  4. Now, you can see that the bathroom and all its items have been duplicated

  5. You can delete an item by dragging it to the left and tapping Delete, and you can add items by tapping Insert Item

Rename items

What if you want to rename one of your newly added rooms?

  • Just tap the Edit button in the top right

  • An Edit Layout screen will appear

  • Tap on the Pencil Icon next to the name of the room or item you want to edit. For example, let’s tap on ‘Bedroom 1’ and change it to ‘Master Bedroom.'

  • Tap the Arrow to commit your changes

These changes will only be made to this specific inspection. If you would like this to be for all inspections in the future, edit the template on Manage.

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