Welcome to Inspections!


Now that you've downloaded the app and you're ready to get started let's take a tour of the interface together.


Logging in for the first time


  • Log in to the Inspections app with the details given to you from you business' admin

  • If you haven’t received your login details yet, contact your business' appointed Admin or your Customer Success Manager at HappyCo

  • Be sure not to create your own, If you are part of a companies account

  • Once you log in, hit the menu button in the top left corner

  • This will expand the menu column which will allow you to navigate different areas of the app



  • Tap the first section 

  • This is the name of your folder

  • Folders are a useful way to organize and manage multiple properties and units

  • You may have one or more folders depending on what access you have to your company’s inspection properties

  • In each folder, there is a Units, Inspections, Templates, and Cloud tab



  • These are the units at a property that you can inspect

  • When you tap on a unit, you can see drafts, completed inspections, and completed reports for that property

  • To get back to the main menu tap the buttons in the top-left corners



  • If you want to find a particular inspection you can find it by sorting or filtering

  • From the Inspections tab, you can:Filter and search your inspections

  • Press the top left icon to go back to the main menu



  • You can think of a template as a digital inspection form

  • You can browse the Template Library online at happy.co



  • The process of uploading your data to our internet, storage system, or the Happy Cloud, is called syncing

  • Before your data is synced it will only be on the device it's collected on

  • After syncing your data to the cloud you can access your data from any device or computer where you can log in to your Inspections account

  • This tabs allow you to monitor the progress of your data syncing

Back to the menu, you will also see three tabs at the bottom




  • The Support tab will give you quick access to our support staff if you run into any trouble.



  • This will allow you to change settings on your device

Log out


  • Logging out allows you to sign out of your account

And that leads us to the end of our Inspections tour. Now that you're familiar with the app you can move on to the next section and learn how to perform your first inspections.

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