isn’t just an app, it’s a comprehensive software that you can access and manage online, too! Happy Manage is our online web portal where you can do this.

You can get to Happy Manage by going to Happy.Co from your computer. Log in, and you’ll be able to access your account information as well as all the data on your app.


  1. Click on Let’s Get Started

  2. Click on your folder

  3. You’ll see tabs for Units, Inspections, Reports, and Templates

  • In the Inspections and Reports tabs, you can find all of your synced inspections and reports

  • At the top of the Inspection List view, you will be able to show only inspections by status: Open (Scheduled, Draft), Complete, and Expired

  • Remember that before data is synced, it exists only on your device, and only after it has been synced can you access it Happy Manage.

User Management


If you click on your initials, you can:


  • Change your password

  • Manage devices

Managing devices


If you use more than two devices, at some point, you'll get a notification that you can only use two devices. If this ever happens:


  1. Go into the Devices tab

  2. Remove the device you’re not using. This will allow you to log in with a new device.



  • There is some functionality available in Happy Manage that is not available on the app, such as making changes to your name, password, and device management

  • Conversely, there are features available on the app that aren’t available in Happy Manage.

We’re constantly making updates, so if you have a question, just poke around, or ask us.

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