Now, let’s say we’re done filling out the inspection and we’re ready to create a report.

Once you’re done filling out an inspection, generate a report:

  1. Tap the Create Report icon in the bottom right corner. (It’s the icon that looks like a clipboard.)

  2. Tap on the '+' Icon

  3. For now, choose Standard. You’ll choose the Standard report type for all non Move-in/ Move-Out or other non comparison inspections.

  4. Choose your Report Settings Preset

  5. Tap the Check Mark

  6. You’ll see that your inspection has been converted into a report in our Report Preview screen

From this preview screen, you can do a few things and we’ll expand on each of these in the next couple of videos.

  • Add signatures with the Pencil icon

  • Or you can choose to email the report now with the Envelope button

Keep in mind that once you save and complete a report you can no longer make changes to it. If you want to make changes, you will have to go back to the original inspection to make changes and then generate a new report.

When a report gets saved to the Happy Cloud, you can access it later on from Happy Manage, where you can download it and share it from there.

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