There are some basic settings in the Inspections app that you should be aware of.


Let’s go over them:


  • Tap on your initials on the lower left corner of the menu



  • Sync Enabled ensures that your data can sync when you are connected to the internet

  • Use Cellular Data, if ON, will use your data if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. If you pay for your own data, you might want to consider disabling this option.

Edit Templates and Edit Template Outlines


These settings need to be ON if you want to make changes to templates. If you are supplying employees with a device and you don’t want anyone to make changes to your templates, turn these options to OFF.




  • Upload Your Data will allow you to send us your data. If you ever have a technical issue that requires our engineering team to get involved, we will ask you to upload your data.

  • You can also find your Inspections app version number in Settings

The other settings not mentioned are for atypical cases, in which we will personally instruct you to access them. Until then, that’s all you need to know about Settings for now.

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