In addition to the Standard report type, there are 2 other report styles that you can generate.
These 2 styles are comparison reports called Move-in and Move-out. They allow you to compare your inspections over time.

The Move-In style formats all of your data to the left so that you can compare it to a future Move-Out inspection, which will appear on the right.

To create a Move-In report, just select this style when you create your report. This information will be pulled when you want to compare it to a Move-Out inspection later.

Generating a Move-Out report

When you want to generate a Move-Out report, you’ll need to begin your inspection by choosing to copy the inspection that you used to generate your Move-Inreport.

  1. Begin your inspection by choosing Copy a Previous Inspection

  2. In the bottom left corner, you’ll see Copy Options. Your selections here determine which information is carried over into your new inspection.

  3. Make your selections

  4. Choose the inspection you’d like to duplicate and a new inspection will populate

  5. Fill out this inspection

  6. Choose the Move-Out report type. The Move-In inspection that you copied will be used to fill the left side of the report.

One very important point to note about these comparison reports, is that if you make any edits to the layout of your move-out inspection by adding items or rooms, for example, it may cause issues for your report comparison, and you may end up with mismatched data. So, make sure you get all the rooms and the items correct during the first move-in inspection.

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