So, you’ve just been given an assignment to do an inspection, huh? I know what you're thinking: what now?

First, select the Property for the location you’ll be inspecting. You will be prompted to do this if you have just signed into the Happy Property: Maintenance app. If you had selected a property before and need to switch, tap the dropdown in the top middle of the screen to access the Property picker from there.

Find the Inspections option in the bottom of the screen menu, it is located on the right side.

If there are a lot of inspections, you can use the filter and/or search feature.

To Create a new inspection, tap the + icon on the bottom right of the screen and select Create an Inspection from the options in the menu.

Select the location you are looking to inspect. A search is available here to help you go through this step faster.

Select the type of inspection that you wish to complete.

You can also include the information related to when has this inspection been scheduled for, when is due and who is it assigned to, but all of these details are optional.

Once you are done with these steps if you wish to conduct this inspection at a later time, you can tap Done and come back later to find your inspection in the Inspections list. Otherwise if you wish to start conducting your inspection now, tap Start Inspection.

Some validations may take place, as you probably didn’t know this inspection already existed, so if that is the case, you will be asked whether you want to use the inspection that already exists in the app, if you wish to create a brand new Inspection, or if you wish to hold on in carrying on with this action by tapping Cancel.

For any inspections you decided to get back to at a later point in time, you can select the inspection from the Inspections list in the HP:M app by tapping on the corresponding entry, and once viewing the base details of the inspection, you can tap on Start Inspection to get going.

As you move through the inspection, tap the rating for each item, one by one.


There are three different rating types and you fill out each one a little differently.

  • For Checkbox Ratings, you can choose all selections that apply.
  • Radio Group ratings require an either/or selection
  • Pop-Up menus require you to select one item from the dropdown list

If you ever want to remove a rating, simply tap on it.

Photos and Notes

  • On the right side of an item, you’ll see Camera and Notepad icons
  • Tap on the camera icon to directly add photos to the inspection
  • Use your device to take pictures on the spot, and they will be uploaded and linked to that item
  • Tap on the Notepad icon to add any information you’d like about the item.

The way you edit and record Inspections data will always be the same.


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