So, you’ve just been given an assignment to do an inspection, huh? I know what you're thinking: what now?

First, look in your Properties tab for the location you’ll be inspecting. If there are a lot of units, you can use the search feature. Tap Start a New Inspection, then choose the appropriate template for your inspection.

As you move through the inspection, tap the rating for each item, one by one.


There are three different rating types and you fill out each one a little differently.

  • For Checkbox Ratings, you can choose all selections that apply.

  • Radio Group ratings require an either/or selection

  • Pop-Up menus require you to select one item from the dropdown list

If you ever want to remove a rating, simply tap on it.

Photos and Notes

  • On the right side of an item, you’ll see Camera and Notes icons

  • Tap on the camera icon to directly add photos to the inspection

  • Use your device to take pictures on the spot, and they will be uploaded and linked to that item

  • Tap on the notes icon to add any information you’d like about the item.


Notice the SnapText feature on the left. SnapText helps you simplify the note taking process by storing commonly used text.

If you want to add text to SnapText:

  1. Write a note

  2. Tap on the + under SnapText and the note will be added to SnapText options

  3. To insert SnapText just tap on it

  4. Press the checkmark and your notes will be saved

There are multiple ways to begin an inspection but how you edit and record data will always be the same.

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