Once you’ve added a property, you can inspect that location.

To add a property:

  1. Tap on the Properties tab

  2. Next, tap on the + at the top right

  3. Tap Add Property

  4. Enter the property details

  5. Add a photo, which will show up on the report later

  6. If you’d like to email reports for this property to specific people, add Contacts

  7. Tap the checkmark to save

Now, tap into your property and tap the three dots icon. From here, you can choose to:

  • Edit

  • Delete

  • Resync your property. If you’ve made changes online or on a different device, tap Resync Property and changes made to your data will sync to your device.

You can repeat the process to add a property as many times as you like to get all of your properties in the app at once, or you can add properties as you inspect them. Or, if you have many properties, you can choose to Bulk Import them.

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