The Inspections app can be easily tailored to your business to ensure that your reports are going to look how you want them to look. Therefore, you can create customized preset settings to apply to your reports.


  1. Choose a report type

  2. Tap the Settings button at the bottom left of the Report Preview

  3. A list of that you can modify to customize your report will appear

Customize Header


The first thing you can do is add a Business Logo:


  1. Make sure your logo is downloaded on your device’s camera roll

  2. Tap Find New and now you can access the photo stored on your device

  3. Tap the checkmark and it will be added to your report

You can modify business details and other information that appears in the header of the report, including:


  • Business Name

  • Business Tag Line

  • Business Address

  • Report Title

  • Inspector Details hide/ show the personal information for the inspector

  • Contact Details hide/show the unit’s associated contact info



  • Scoring Title, e.g. what the score refers to

  • Score Format or what unit the score is in, for example, percent, ratio, or money, if you’d like to keep track of expenses

  • Inspection Total Location determines where the score is located on the report

  • Show Item Score will show the score for each item

  • Show Section Score will reveal the subtotal for each section

  • Zero if No Score gives non-rated items the score of zero. Now if you choose to Show Empty Items you can see that non-rated items were given the score of 0.

Report Formatting


  • Show Empty Items, items that you chose not to rate during the inspection and they will show up in the report with blank ratings

  • Photos Inline will put photos next to the items they correspond to instead of at the bottom of the report

  • End of Report Disclaimer adds a disclaimer to your reports

Customize Email


  • Email Template, text added here will appear in the body of any email you send out.

Please click around the Settings menu and explore how you can get your report looking just the way you want.


Save preset settings


Once you’ve selected the settings you like to get your report looking just the way you like, you can save it as a Preset.


  1. Just tap Save a New Preset

  2. Enter a descriptive name for this collection of settings

  3. Tap the checkmark in the top right

Applying presets


If you create more than one preset for your reports:


  1. Tap Choose Preset when it comes time to make your report

  2. Select the preset with the correct settings

  3. Tap the checkmark at the bottom left to commit the preset to your report

The last preset you use is applied in the future by default to all reports of the same type. So, you’ll only need to choose a new preset when you want to use a different one.


Changing settings on a report


Please note that you can only change the settings for reports before they’ve been synced to the Happy Cloud. If you need to change the settings of a report after it’s been synced, you’ll need to open the inspection and create a new report.

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